Broken Fathers – 2015

Come & stand with us and be counted for this human rights issue that destroys the very fabric of our society…Families. The family law industry is profiting from the bias treatment of parents nationwide. A fatherless society is much more likely to be from this rather than the ‘deadbeat dad” myth they want us all to keep believing. This corrupt multi billion dollar system uses people and creates negative issues for children & families. It effects us all, whether or not you even have children. The damage done is widespread and can be linked to just about every major negative social issue of our time. It’s epidemically proportioned to be a core reason for what’s wrong today with our country and worldwide. Enough is enough of this oppressive, intrusive assault on our families and Constitutional rights as citizens and parents. This scam has got to stop now. So show up now and help be involved with being a part of the solution instead of leaving it up to others… like your children. We can’t leave this for future generations of children to have live with too… Change is now. It’s our responsibility to do this for them. – We’ll see you there standing for what is right. Thank you!

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