Men’s Rights Facebook Page Removed

Men’s Rights Facebook Page A Voice For Men Removed On Day Of Annual Conference – Breitbart

fb7The timing for the unpublishing could not be any worse for the group, as they are now unable to publish post-conference articles and summaries of the event. It may have just be a coincidence, but a coordinated mass reporting operation could also have been the cause – so far, no group has come forward to take responsibility for the removal of the page.

After having amassed around 35,000 likes on the social media platform, the page was deleted for having “violated community standards” – it was not revealed what exact regulation was violated, and Elam was adamant that they had done nothing wrong.

Speaking to a crowd at the International Conference on Men’s Issues in the ExCel Centre in London, Paul Elam revealed that the Facebook page for “A Voice For Men,” one of the organizing groups for the event, has been unpublished by the social network on the second day of the conference.

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This follows a series of other conservative, right-leaning, or otherwise anti-social justice or “offensive” pages being unpublished by Facebook. The Meninist page was removed this week, with the eventual reason given being that their profile photo somehow violated standards that the website had set, even after the administrators of the page had removed all of their content as a defense against such action from the company.UNLIKE - 2016

Lucian Valsan, European News Director for AVfM, said to Breitbart News that, “the closure was highly expected, considering the Marxist and feminist domination within Facebook [itself]. The move to remove men’s rights and anti-feminist groups from Facebook has been going on for two years now, so therefore it is consistent with their policy!”

William Vaughan, a conference attendee, said that “it is terrible to have anyone in principle excluded from something which is essentially a mass communications tool analogous to the telephone network, as it cuts off contact with members of the different groups.”

by JACK HADFIELD10 Jul 2016 — Jack Hadfield is a student at the University of Warwick and a regular contributor to Breitbart Tech. You can follow him on Twitter here: @ToryBastard_.

Source: Men’s Rights Facebook Page A Voice For Men Removed On Day Of Annual Conference – Breitbart

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