FLR Merger with NPO a big step in uniting forces.

 Your Board of Directors has the great pleasure of announcing that Family Law Reform (, will be merging with the National Parent Organization (
The joining of these two extraordinary organizations very similar in culture, and with practice strengths that are highly complementary, will enable us to provide a much stronger voice for reforming current divorce law in Florida, and eventually Nationwide.  The National Parents Organization, being the larger of the two organizations both in finances and membership, will retain its namesake, with Family Law Reform becoming the Florida Chapter of the National Parents Organization.  Alan Frisher, our President, will serve as Executive Director of this Florida Chapter with Chuck Reintertsen, our Treasurer, sitting on the Board of Directors of the National Parents Organization.
You can expect from the new organization the same focus, the same dedication, and the same team that you have come to know and trust.  The difference is that there will now be many more of us, with an eye toward future issues such as child sharing, child support, parental alienation, military divorce, etc.  First and foremost, however, we plan on obtaining Legislative Sponsors to introduce our proposed alimony reform bill to the Florida House and Senate this upcoming Legislative session.

The merging of our two Organizations took affect December 1, 2016.  We are now an organization of more than 50,000 members, certainly an ‘alimony army’ to be reckoned with.  We hope you will join us in celebrating this major milestone as it provides a tremendously exciting opportunity for the future of Florida alimony reform, and family law reform nationwide.
While we have anticipated and planned for many of the challenges that must occur with the merging of our two organizations, it is inevitable that additional challenges will crop up along the way.  With our larger membership, increased resources, national presence and visibility we feel that any of these challenges will be effectively handled.  We ask for your patience as this transition occurs over the next few months.
We sincerely believe that the merging of our two organizations will produce a one plus one equals three result.  Our feeling is that we can now accomplish much more together than we would have been able to accomplish separately.  But this can only occur with your help.  New fundraising initiatives and events will be planned in the near future.  We need everyone to participate and assist in enabling this merger to become a real success by believing in the mission and the goals, and contributing generously to the cause.  We have a total of 45 new Florida legislators who need to be educated and informed about the issues at hand and the real need for alimony reform.
You will hear much more about the combination in the near future, and the efforts that will combine our websites, and social media pages, but we wanted to communicate this initial information to you as soon as possible.
Executive Committee of the Florida Chapter, National Parents Organization.

Alan Frisher, Tarie MacMillan, Chuck Reinertsen, Tanya Williams, Mike Mcaullif 


Will You Help Update Florida’s Outdated Family Laws?

Everything Helps!

As we merge with National Parents Organization (NPO) we will have the ability to accept Tax Deductible Contributions.

NPO is a 501c3, allowing for tax deductible contributions, but is not allowed to make campaign contributions or lobby for a bill.

FLR (Soon to be the Florida Chapter of NPO) is a 501c4 and can make campaign contributions and pay a lobbyist.  Those contributions are not deductible.

We need both!

Our Primary Goal in 2017 is Alimony Reform In Florida. We can also lay the groundwork for additional family law reforms.

Any donation this year to NPO will be tax deductible for 2016. Please budget and make a generous contribution.

Send your tax deductible contributions to:
National Parents Organization
P.O. Box 590548
Newton, MA 02459

Click Here to set up monthly contributions or make a single contribution for lobbyists and campaign contributions. Your contribution may not be deductible, but it is VERY NECESSARY!
Or send checks to:
Family Law Reform, Inc.
215 E. Burleigh Blvd.
Tavares, FL  32778

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Goals of the Fathers' Rights Movement The fathers' rights movement arose in response to the perception that fathers were not being given equal treatment in child custody litigation. Fathers' advocacy groups typically to focus upon some or all of the following beliefs: A "traditional" division of parental roles during a marriage should not of itself mean that the father should not be considered as a custodian following divorce; Children are best served by being in the care of both parents, and thus there should be a legal presumption of joint physical custody and equal parenting time following divorce; Fathers are at a disadvantage throughout the entire custody litigation process. Fathers' rights groups assert that changes of this nature will create a family court environment where both parents are treated fairly and equally, and diminish the effects of legislation and, in some cases, of judicial bias which favors the mother. Fathers' rights groups also typically point to studies which show that the absence of a father from a child's life can lead to a wide variety of negative behavioral and educational consequences. Because We’re Not Asking You To Make A Career Out Of This Cause. We’re just asking you to show your kids and everyone else what it means to have the integrity to stand up for others and do what’s right; regardless of your personal circumstances. We’re asking you to make a powerful point by speaking with what you do; not with what you say you’ll do. Are you with us? The BEST Parent is BOTH Parents JOIN US~~> JOIN US~~>


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