Equal Parental Rights for Fathers and Equity in Child Custody Cases for BOTH Parents.

Create state guidelines in regards to child custody to give children what is in their right, equal time with each parent. Gender should not be the basis of parental time and custody determination. When both parents are present and parenting, the state guideline should be 50/50 custody, to allow the child equal access to both parents. This should not be left up to the subjectivity of a judge. Fathers should not have to fight for the right to be present and be parents. A father’s time with his child is no less valuable than a mother’s. Children need both parents and deserve equal access to both. Unbalanced rights in custody only lead to more conflict, of which the child is most affected. It is time to end the gender bias and recognize the value of both parents, in a child’s life.

MoveOn PetitionsCustody Guidelines for Children of Divorce

This petition is an attempt to attain equal parental rights for fathers and equity in child custody for both parents and, most importantly, guarantee what should be the right of every child to have equal access to both parents. The push pull of unbalanced rights can often serve as a detriment for children of divorced parents. I have been affected by the prevalent gender bias displayed by many courts, and it in no way has benefited my daughter. It is for what is in her best interests, and what she should have a right to, that I started this petition.

Source: MoveOn Petitions – Custody Guidelines for Children of Divorce


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