The top 10 reasons young men need equality too.

Fathers and Equality - 2015-16

4455793558_b3fecf50e7The equality4men campaign is concerned with the inequalities that impact men and boys of all backgrounds at every stage of life. The years when boys first enter adulthood are the most vulnerable years of most men’s lives. 

The following list of 10 reasons we need equality for young men is drawn from our eBook Equality For Men which you can buy today. 

1. Life Expectancy ~  In England and Wales, boys and young men aged 15 to 24 are two and a half times more likely to die than women and girls of the same age. 

2. Premature Death ~  Compared with women of the same age, young men are four times more likely to die in an accident, four times more likely to kill themselves and three times more likely to be murdered. On average, five young men die prematurely every single day and most of these deaths are avoidable.

3. Murder ~  Young men are three times more likely to be murdered than young women with 3 young men being murdered every week in England & Wales.Violence and Crime linked to fatherlessness - 2015

4. War ~  There are over 80 countries that still conscript young adults, mostly men, into the armed forces. Over half of British soldiers who die each year are young men aged under 26. Men's Conference 2016Young men who take on a protector role by serving in the armed forces may be at greater risk of suicide. For example, young men under 24 who leave the armed forces are two to three times more likely to commit suicide than the general population.

5. Work ~  Young men (including male graduates) are 50% more likely to be unemployed than young women.Double Standards in Family Courts - 2016

6. The Young Male Pay Gap ~  Young men in their twenties now earn less than young women in their twenties.

7. Sexual Health ~  We spend less time, money and energy promoting young men’s sexual health and wellbeing. When the National Chlamydia Screening Programme launched in 2003, for example, it helped 13 times more women than men, even though the infection was equally prevalent in both sexes.With out a father - 2015

8. Criminal Justice ~  Young men are more likely to be sent to jail if they break the law. Young women account for 20% of all youth crime but only 6% of those held in young offender institutions. Young male offenders who are placed in institutions are a high suicide risk being 18 times more likely to kill themselves than average.STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

9. Victims of Crime ~  Young men are four times more likely than any other group to suffer violent crime with more than half (52%) of male victims of mugging and robbery being aged 21 and under

Discrimination - Objection Racism Articls - 2015

10.Young Male Suicide ~  For young men in the UK,suicide is now the biggest single cause of death. Eight out of 10 suicidal young men have experienced bullying and seven out of 10 have experienced violence from an adult.comitted-suicide-2015

References for all the above statistics—and much besides—can be found in our eBook Equality For Men by Glen Poole which you can download now for £10 via the following link:

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Source: Any Inequality Is Disgusting! | Children’s Rights

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Goals of the Fathers' Rights Movement The fathers' rights movement arose in response to the perception that fathers were not being given equal treatment in child custody litigation. Fathers' advocacy groups typically to focus upon some or all of the following beliefs: A "traditional" division of parental roles during a marriage should not of itself mean that the father should not be considered as a custodian following divorce; Children are best served by being in the care of both parents, and thus there should be a legal presumption of joint physical custody and equal parenting time following divorce; Fathers are at a disadvantage throughout the entire custody litigation process. Fathers' rights groups assert that changes of this nature will create a family court environment where both parents are treated fairly and equally, and diminish the effects of legislation and, in some cases, of judicial bias which favors the mother. Fathers' rights groups also typically point to studies which show that the absence of a father from a child's life can lead to a wide variety of negative behavioral and educational consequences. Because We’re Not Asking You To Make A Career Out Of This Cause. We’re just asking you to show your kids and everyone else what it means to have the integrity to stand up for others and do what’s right; regardless of your personal circumstances. We’re asking you to make a powerful point by speaking with what you do; not with what you say you’ll do. Are you with us? The BEST Parent is BOTH Parents JOIN US~~> JOIN US~~>

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